Case study

How Saad added $7,000 Monthly Recurring Revenue in 2 days

Nov 18, 2022

The Challenge

Saad is a Copywriter and Digital Marketer. When he first came to Vailed, Fortis Group was only just created and he was looking for a way to book more sales meetings with qualified leads. He had all the talent to close, fulfill and keep clients satisfied but with no niche to target and no clue how to generate interest.


The first thing we did was help Saad find a great Niche. After considering his skillset and value proposition, we decided to target Solar Energy Businesses located in The United States.

Now that we had the niche, we created a hyper targeted list of Solar Businesses within all of the United States. Once the list was filtered and cleaned to ensure the highest deliverability possible, and the winning scripts were created, the initial campaigns were launched.


The results were immediate. Within the first 2 days of outreach, we booked Saad 8 meetings with qualified leads which generated him $7,000 MRR (23X ROI on his initial investment). Saad has been killing it with Fortis Group ever since! With a consistent flow of qualified leads coming straight to his calendar, all he focuses on is closing.

Saad Naami

Fortis Group CEO
"I would recommend them 100%. Your business can only explode by bringing them into your team."

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